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Great JobSite Radios

So what makes a great jobsite radio?  We believe there are quite a few things that you need to look for the best construction radio and jobsite radio.  These pieces of technology have grown from just having the ability to have a radio that is a little more rugged than your standard to essential tools of the jobsite.

Milwaukee 2790-20 copy

Most of these radios have the ability to run off battery power.  So if you have a handful of lithium-ion DEWALT batteries we recommend checking out this radio.  The DEWALT DC012 runs off of 18 volt lithium ion batteries.  The thing we like about this particular radio is that it will also charge the batteries as well.

Another radio that will run off of battery power is the Bosch PB360S.  Just like the DC012, this radio will not only run off battery power but when plugged in to an outlet the PB360 will actually charge your batteries.

What else is important on a jobsite radio is additional outlets.  Having additional outlets really solidifies the use and need for these radios on jobsites.  Everyone has always run out of extension cords or needed an extra plug but just couldnt find a splitter, well now these radios have you covered.  The DEWALT DC012 has three additional power outlets that can handle tools of any sort.  I really like the radio that has four outlets, the Bosch PB360s.  Not only will these radios charge your batteries while plugged in to a wall outlet, you can also plug other tools in to it.

There are also small radios that can take a beating like the big boys.  If you require a smaller jobsite radio or construction radio check out the Bosch pb180s.  The PB180 runs off of battery power and wall power.  Off of one battery you can power the Bosch PB180s for up to two full days.  This is amazing.  Another great thing about this radio is is only weights 4 pounds!  A radio that you can drop off your roof that only weighs four pounds and can last for up to two full days of playback?  Amazing  For this and other jobsite radio reviews check out

With the products on the market today it is hard to make a bad decision but it is always important to decide what is important to you.  Whether it is weight, dimensions, size, battery charging or not, auxiliary ports available, find out what you want.  No matter your needs there should be a jobsite radio out there for you.

We have found a few radios that while good, we wouldn’t necessarily buy ourselves.  The Milwaukee radio does not have any additional power plugs nor does it charge batteries.  This radio can only run off batteries but does not charge them…this seems crazy to me.  Since these radios are close in price, it would be best to stick with the Bosch or the DEWALT jobsite radio.

Was this article helpful to you?  If so please leave a comment and tell your thoughts.  What radio do you have?  What do you like about it and what do you not like about it, and would you recommend it to others?